Heroes of tomorrow use dPlan

By 8. February 2022 No Comments

The building and construction students at NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology – use dPlan when they apply Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) principles in their project work. Software training is an important part of the studies and dPlan is used both in project planning and project management.

The studies will provide students with a new type of digital competence for a comprehensive understanding of the content and relationship between digital technology, changed processes, and changed interaction throughout the construction / project life cycle. Subject emphasizes data-driven project management, information management and system thinking.

VDC is a combination of new technologies (BIM) with an adequate work and management scheme (PPM), supporting people working together on the project, in an integrated and simultaneous way (ICE). The scheme is focused on achieving the project’s objectives, which should help the client to achieve their goals while collecting data and tracking workflow progress.