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The foundation for a successful project implementation is good planning. Typically, in a planning process, elements will emerge that can either be categorized as decisions, activities or risk. The planning work should be structured around the decisions that are necessary for the project to reach its goal. Decisions are the driving force of any project. Decisions drive the project forward. A decision will depend on other decisions. These dependencies must be documented as part of the planning process. Decisions are made at different levels in the project organization. Some decisions are made by the project employee alone, others are made by the project manager and others must be made by the project owner / customer. Identifying who will make which decision is therefore an important part of planning. For each decision, the decision basis must be described. The decision basis will be one or more data objects (notes, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings) that will be made available to the decision maker.

For each decision, a method must be established to make the decision. This can be from the simplest decision, where a project employee recommends a solution, to more comprehensive decisions that include the project owner / customer. The decision-making method must be defined in the planning phase. A key point here is to ensure that decision makers are present and prepared when a decision is to be made. Examples of decision-making methods are already scheduled management meetings or there may be decision-making meetings that are arranged according to the project's implementation pace. In larger projects, a decision-making method can be Integrated Concurrent Engineering (ICE). Project participants and decision-makers meet in well-planned session that can last from one to three days.

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