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dPlan Portfolio

For companies running multiple projects in parallel, it is important to have an easily accessable overview of the projects and their status. A good starting point for portfolio management is to structure and implement the projects according to the same project model. For efficient and good project management, the reporting should be user friendly, and consist of date collected in real time.

dPlan Risk Management

In addition to managing and following up traditional risks in projects, decision-driven project management will make it possible to make hotspots visible in the project. A hotspots can be an accumulation of decisions within a short period of time or an accumulation of a lot of work allocated to one person. An often-underestimated risk is whether one is able to identify the real decision-maker - who has the actual decision-making authority. If you are unable to map this in the planning phase, disruptions in the project is likely to occur. Furthermore, the accessibility of decision-makers is absolutely vital. Dependencies between decisions are to be clarified in the planning phase. This makes it possible to analyse and uncover key bottlenecks in the project plan and make appropriate measures.

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