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dPlan is a tool that gives you the opportunity to focus on decisions

Ulike moduler tilpasset ulike virksomheter og behov. Felles er at de gir deg og øvrige prosjektdeltakere den informasjon de trenger samlet på ett sted.

  • Decisions
  • Project activities
  • Addictions
  • Plan reliability
  • Root cause analysis
  • ICE meetings
  • Portfolio management
  • Status in real time
  • Dashboard
  • Chatbot
  • Writing support
  • Reading support

We take project management seriously

We know that different parts of the project work require different functionality. The premise for a good project implementation is laid in good planning.

The planning work should be structured around decisions. Because it is decisions that are the engine of any project and it is the decisions that drive the project forward.

The Planning module makes it possible for you as a project manager to have a full overview and control of what is to be done when and who is responsible for the various activities in the project.


Involving planning

VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) gives you the opportunity to gather digital knowledge and information throughout the entire project process, so that you can constantly improve the way you work. The VDC module gives you access to progress measurement (PPU) through the establishment of control periods.

Activities that are not carried out within the deadline must be given a root cause. At the end of the period, the number of completed activities is measured against what was originally planned. This analysis gives you valuable information and answers to why an activity has not been delivered by the planned deadline so that this can be quickly adjusted.


Full control

A project owner often has many projects in his portfolio and it is time-consuming to ring around project managers with the question "how is it really going?" and then base their own report to management on this.

With the module Portfolio you see the project portfolio together with an updated status in real time so that you know at all times how the projects are progressing. This means that you can spend your time on the projects that need it most, while at the same time enabling active management, effective reporting and systematic learning.


Effective management

We work with leading experts in artificial intelligence and language technology. Our combination of domain knowledge about project management, specialist expertise in language models and broad development expertise has resulted in a highly effective project-specific chatbot that can be used by the entire project organisation.

The AI module is a secure solution that quickly and efficiently finds relevant and important project information. This module contributes to major time savings and correct decision-making.