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When you succeed, we succeed

We at dPlan have extensive work experience and solid expertise in project management. We work every day to ensure that project processes within various industries are managed towards target achievement.

Project management
  • Project consultancy
  • Project management
  • Project support
  • Clarification of needs and investigation
  • Digitization strategy
  • Process management
  • Solutions
  • Methodology
  • Tool
  • History
Project management

We solve complex problems

The project phases that precede the investment decision are demanding phases. The phases are characterized by many parallel processes and many people involved. The gains are great if this phase can be completed in a shorter time, with fewer resources and greater security. We at dPlan have the experience, the method and the tool to ensure such gains. 


Increases the precision of the decision

Many project-oriented businesses are faced with demanding choices when it comes to digitizing and streamlining the processes that together make up the management and management of projects. We at dPlan have extensive experience with digitization work and help project-oriented businesses to succeed with project digitization.  


Become a learning project organization

Learning is linked to our ability and willingness to collect and structure experiences from project implementation, more precisely the reasons why things do not go as planned. The reality is most often that mmethods for the transfer of experience rarely work as they should. Reports are either not written or not read.

The good news is that the potential is huge and the payoff is great. What is required is a more systematic approach to learning. We at dPlan help businesses to ensure learning in the project in an intuitive and efficient way.