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dPlan has the experience, the method and the tool

For the establishment and implementation of successful projects.

CEO & Consultant

Jan Petter Nærby

Jan Petter Nærby has a background as an electrical/computer engineer at NTH and has worked with project and ICT management for the past 25 years. In recent years, he has worked on larger projects such as the construction and equipment of Campus Ås and the Norwegian Opera and Ballet, but also has extensive experience from smaller projects in private enterprises.

Jan Petter has been project manager for the acquisition and introduction of a number of different IT systems, including project and portfolio management tools. The focus has often been to see the ICT systems as a whole so that the ICT portfolio is best adapted to business needs.

COO & Consultant

Simen Bakken

Simen Bakken is an experienced project manager and line manager with experience from the private and public sector, and graduated NTH 1992. He was department director in Culture and Sports Building in Oslo Municipality for four years from 2015 – 2018. He was employed here from the establishment of the company responsible for building, establishing and managing the project portfolio for investigation, planning and construction of sports facilities and buildings.

Since 2019, he has led the engineering work for Statsbygg with the Ocean Space Centre, Campus NTNU and the Institute of Marine Research. Through his work in Oslo municipality and in Statsbygg, he has acquired broad experience from public administration and political processes through facilitation and cooperation with city council departments and ministries.

Senior Project Manager

Marit Eriksen

Marit Eriksen has over 11 years' experience as project manager, project support and project coordinator with implementation of practical and administrative projects in the private sector, and through project collaboration has also worked with the public sector. She has built up solid expertise through various projects within quality, development and digitization work with cutting-edge expertise within planning, organization and profit realization.

In addition to this, she has particular expertise in business development and product and service development with a focus on digitization gains from a user perspective. Through her roles as administrative head of studies, team leader, senior project manager and advisor within the HE sector and the tech sector, she has extensive experience of working in IT-related projects and has solid experience of working in various systems.

CCO & Consultant

Vidar Isaksen

Vidar Isaksen is an experienced strategic and operational business developer with experience from Norwegian and international technology suppliers, and has a multidisciplinary education in ICT, energy and sustainability from UiO and Telemark University. He has acquired project management experience from all sectors within the introduction of new software and technology.

Vidar is primarily commercially focused and through solution sales and via partners has helped customers to solve problems and to identify new opportunities. Throughout his international career, in i.a. SAP and Gartner, he has created a formidable network of managers, academics, business people and subject experts.

Senior Project Manager

Leif Jørgen Bjerck

Leif Jørgen has a broad background in project and portfolio management and has an education in economics with a specialization in project management from BI. Between 2017 and 2023, Leif Jørgen has been department director in Bymiljøetaen's project division and has been the agency's project owner and responsible for a portfolio with early phase and implementation of building and construction projects.

As a manager in a public agency, Leif Jørgen has built up a lot of experience in decision-making, project management, planning, follow-up and learning with developers. He has solid experience with public administration and political processes for investment projects. Leif Jørgen has previously worked with the development and implementation of portfolio and project management processes. In addition, he has experience in specialist areas such as planning and risk management.

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