Du trenger ikke mer tid, du trenger en frist

Det som driver et prosjekt framover er beslutninger. dPlan er et verktøy med fokus på beslutningsstyrt prosjektledelse og støtter Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) og Lean prosjektgjennomføring. I tillegg tilbyr vi tjenester knyttet til prosjektplanlegging, tidligfase, VDC, prosjektprosesser og læring.

Prosjektplanlegging, prosjektoppfølging og læring

It will unleash a great potential if you build a plan around decisions and deliveries and not the traditional milestones and activities!

The foundation for a successful project implementation is a project plan built around the key decisions to be made in the project, the deliveries that are associated with these decisions and their interdependencies. Decisions drives a project forward. No project will achieve its goals unless the project organization is able to make the decisions they need. As a project manager, the most important thing you do in a project is to manage these decisions. That’s why we have developed dPlan - to provide support for decision-based project management.

We take project management seriously and know that different parts of the project require different functionality. As a project manager you need a flexible solution that quickly gives you an overview and insight and a basis to focus on the most important thing in the project - what lies ahead of you.

We take project management seriously and know that different parts of the project require different functionality


For planning and pre-construction


For execution and construction


For management of project portfolios


For analysis and predictions

Focus on decisions, dependencies and schedule


Create project

Create projects with basic settings such as project name, project number and start/end-date.

Project parameters

Metadata and different configurable perspectives can be added to the project elements.

Project members

Invite new project members by email. Configure roles and grant acccess with ease.

Project view

Get a personalized view of the plan and choose between duration, gantt and list features. Rich filter options available.

Project elements

A plan consists of various elements such as Milestones, Decisions, Deliverables and Actions.


Set dependencies between project elements with point & click.

Decision support

Enrich project elements with meatdata and link files, url's and risks to get a robust plan!

Risk matrix

Define risk matrices based on probability and consequence. The size of the matrix is ​​freely configurable.

Analytics and filters

dPlan provides access to a number of filtering and analysis functions, so that you can easily monitor the health of the project.

Meeting calendar

Set project pace and create project meetings. With this, the project TAKT in a LEAN project can be set.

Drag & Drop

"Drag" elements and decisions into matrices and plans. Collaborate online or in live group sessions using large smartboards with touch screens.

Control periods and PPU

Set the desired length of the control periods and lock relevant elements in the period. See the development of PPU through the project.


Various dashboard elements are designed to support specific customer needs. User configuration functionality can be developed.

dPlan mobile

Use dPlan on your mobile and get an overview of daily and weekly tasks.

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