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Mustafa Erdem har et brennende engasjement og lidenskap for å forbedre kunnskapsoverføringen i byggebransjen. Dette ved å implementere digitale læringsverktøy, et tema som treffer dPlan midt i hjertet

He is an ambitious 22-year-old student from Drammen. He possesses a passion for science and management, which has shaped his academic and professional journey.

Mustafa is training to become a civil engineer in mechanical and energy technology with specialization in management and systems subjects at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Writing a master's thesis on systematic learning in the construction industry

He already has a bachelor's degree in engineering with a specialization in mechanical engineering and structural engineering, and is well on his way to completing his master's degree. He is writing a master's thesis on systematic learning in the construction industry. Mustafa's academic choice and career path is driven by his desire to create positive change in the industry, as well as being a driver to identify resistance factors and key success factors.

Mustafa's academic journey has equipped him with a good understanding of the engineering subjects, and dPlan is flattered to be a preferred collaboration partner and mentor for Mustafa through his research work.

How did you choose dPlan as a partner?

- I first became aware of dPlan as a potential collaboration partner through Bassam Hussein and the various master's theses that NTNU offers. dPlan has experience, knowledge and networks within the area I will be researching, and offers concrete tools that facilitate systematic learning in the construction industry.

Bassam Hussein is an associate professor at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Mustafa's academic supervisor.

Bassam says that the collaboration between NTNU and dPlan represents a significant step towards solving challenges in knowledge sharing within the construction sector. - Despite great capacity for interdisciplinary collaboration, the current methods for knowledge sharing have proven to be deficient.

Bassam and Mustafa further state that the aim of the master's thesis is to find critical factors that are essential for creating an effective digital learning environment in project-oriented organisations. - By using research-based approaches, we want to explore both obstacles and opportunities to strengthen the industry's performance and competitiveness.

dPlan cheers on students with high ambitions

Simen Bakken, founder and COO of dPlan says that the industry needs more motivated and wise minds who are willing to explore existing methods for knowledge transfer. - We are convinced that Mustafa will be an important, future resource.

- We are lucky to have good partners and customers who take time out of their hectic everyday life to contribute to the research work. Both Statsbygg at Sverre Melvær, Skanska at Roar Fosse and Håndverkskompaniet at Jon Henie provide resources and share their experiences.

- We wish Mustafa the best of luck with the research and are excited to see what the result will be.

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